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Meatless Meals: Mushroom & Spinach Grilled Cheese

Updated: May 26, 2020

So with the recent increase in meat prices, we thought it would be nice to share some of our favorite meals that just happen to be meatless options. I'm not vegetarian, and some of the meals we discuss will have some type of meat variances like beef or chicken broth. Things that will still keep the cost of the meal down, while maintaining the deliciousness. Some of the meals will, however, be fully vegetarian. We'll also be trying out some new recipes. And you will get to enjoy the ride with us. Some meals, (we hope) will be amazing and some will likely be duds. So for the first week, I decided to share an old favorite of mine. Mushroom & Spinach Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Things you'll need:

  • First, you're going to grab your favorite bread. I prefer a nice thickly sliced wheat, but really, anything will work.

  • Second, get yourself some mushrooms. These can be whole white mushrooms or whatever you prefer. I like the brown baby bella mushrooms. Remember that mushrooms cook down substantially so you'll want at least 1-2 whole mushrooms per sandwich you plan on making.

  • Third, you're going to want to pick up yourself a can of beef consomme. I like the Campbell's brand. One 10.5 oz can will be plenty.

  • Forth, spinach baby! Literally, get yourself some baby spinach. You'll want at least 5 - 6 leaves per sandwich, so a small bag would be more than enough.

  • Fifth, cheese it up! Now, I really like american swiss for my grilled cheese sandwiches, but you can use just about any cheese for this. You'll need 2 slices per serving.

  • Lastly, you'll also need some butter for when we grill our sandwich on the stove.


  1. Slice your mushrooms into quarter inch pieces.

  2. Get yourself a medium sauce pan. Pour in your beef consomme, cover and bring to a simmer over a medium heat.

  3. Place your sliced mushrooms into the beef consomme, which is now simmering and cover. Allow these to cook down. This takes about 15 minutes. You will be able to tell when they are done, because they will be brown in color. Be careful to watch your pot to make sure your consomme concaction does not boil down and burn to the bottom of the pot. (This is why we keep it covered.) If you notice it getting too low for comfort your heat may be too high. Add a bit of water and cover again until cooked.

  4. Once your mushrooms are cooked, fork them onto a plate or into a bowl and set them aside.

  5. Add 1 Cup of water to what's left of your consomme broth, cover and set on low temperature to keep warm.

  6. Ready a medium - large skillet by placing it over a medium heat. While it warms up you can continue onto the next step.

  7. Butter each side of your bread.

  8. Add 1 slice of your favorite cheese to each slice of bread. (This will give you 2 slices of cheese per sandwich prepared.)

  9. Add 4 - 5 baby spinach leaves on top of every other slice of bread.

  10. Once your beef consomme concoction is ready, fork out approx 10 sliced mushrooms on top of your bed of baby spinach. You can use more or less, depending on your preference.

  11. Now that your skillet is all nice and toasty, we get to put it to work. Place the other half of your sandwich on top of your creation. You should have the following: Buttered bread, cheese, baby spinach, mushrooms, cheese, and topped with the last slice of buttered bread. (In that order.)

  12. Place your masterpiece onto the surface of the skillet. Let brown for 1 - 2 minutes, checking periodically.

  13. As soon as the underside is brown, flip it over carefully so as to brown the other side. Once your sandwich is thoroughly melted and browned to a crisp, remove it from the skillet and set it on a plate. At this point you can choose to cut your sandwich in half.

  14. (Optional) Pour about 1/4 cup of your consomme into a small bowl.

  15. Now you can enjoy your Mushroom & Spinach Grilled Cheese!

  16. (Optional) Dip your sandwich into the consomme auju dip and enjoy!

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do! Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments? How would you improve the recipe? If you've tried it, what would you do differently? We're always looking for new things to try!

If you have a recipe you would like us to try to make at home, mention it in the comment below!

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