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Perfectly Imperfect

With Summer here, it's time to pull out the clothes you put a way last year to make room for another season and get out your summer crap. Just to see how much weight we all gained through the winter. I have never been the type of girl to dwell on my looks but I won't even lie, when summer comes, I hate my life. Not only do I feel like a rolly polly, but I hate the heat and I sweat worse than a man. (yes, really) I hate wearing shorts but hate being hot, see my predicament?

So this year I am going to attempt to try something different. It has been a rough road for many of us I'm sure, but why not try to embrace it? Change sucks and life is hard but dwelling on all the shitty things about it will only make things worse. Now I will be the first one to admit that I am not so great at seeing all the positives, but today is a new day. I won't promise that I will be on my best behavior daily but what I can say is I will try today. Ways we can help each other.....

  • Pay it forward. Do what you can to brighten someone else's day.

  • Try not to think of all the shit you have to get done on a daily basis but maybe get an ice cream cone because you attempted to get all of it done.

  • For heavens sake go outside! The last couple of years I forgot the true beauty of nature. It's peaceful and calming.

  • Just be kind. It takes 30 seconds out of our busy lives to smile, wave, compliment, or hold the door open. One simple gesture can brighten someone's day.

I can't promise that I will be a brand new woman over night. But what I do know is my light is starting to shine back through, and it feels so dam good to get right with my soul. Until next time!!!

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