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MY FAVORITE SHOP TO VISIT, IN SIOUXLAND!! Erstwhile Studios is filled with all things amazing! From Crystals and stones to organic teas, the pendulums/jewelry and books (and OH - SO MUCH MORE!). Each time I go, there's some new and amazing product or gift, I must have. Not only do they carry the best selection of crystals and stones, but their knowledge on the uses of the stones is amazing! PLUS, the owner and team hold special events, such as mediations, and Reiki Classes! They have many handmade products, including these gorgeous candles! Made with soy wax, essential oils, and even CRYSTAL CHIPS, which absolutely adds to the healing energies that I need (thanks for the extra touch!). Love the ambiance that these beautiful handmade candles create! Thank you, Erstwhile Studios, for continuing to provide such an excellent assortment of products, your phenomenal knowledge, and for nourishing my soul, with your extraordinary events. I always leave your shop feeling more grounded, less stressed, and overall, more peaceful! Can't wait to come back.

-Tracy R., Google Review left in December 2021

It’s a welcoming space. People can gather, talk, learn, build a camaraderie, & relax. A great selection of crystals and other beautiful retail. The workshops and services offered are from certified experienced professionals. It’s just a great place to BE!

-Meg B., Facebook Review left in December 2021

Such a beautiful place to exist inside of. Cozy atmosphere!

-Maryjane C., Facebook Review left in November 2021

Love this store

-Megan M., Square Review left in November 2021

The tea is amazing!! Very friendly environment. Love the selection of healing stones.

-Cindi K., Facebook Review left in November 2021

I have been meaning to check out Erstwhile for ages, but living out of town, I don’t get the chance very often. Today, the stars aligned! Super cute place with a wide variety of goodies! Amber is amazing and warm and I already can’t wait to go back! If you are looking for a unique and cool place to check out or bring an out of town friend to, THIS IS THE PLACE! If I lived closer, I would go to every single class but I will definitely make a point to get here regularly now. Cozy atmosphere & Large tea selection!

-Melanie A., Facebook Review left in November 2021

Went there today, had a very enjoyable experience! Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. She was very willing to help and answer questions. The atmosphere was very calming. Would definitely recommend this establishment! Relaxing atmosphere & Large tea selection!

-Audriana G., Facebook Review left in October 2021

Received a very nice reading, bought some items and enjoyed a tea!

-Olivia O., Square Review left in September 2021

It was a great class Amber! Thank you so much for starting it

-Unknown, Square Review left in August 2021

I got a Reiki Session with Amber. I'd never had a session before, but had been wanting to try it for a long time. Amber was really patient with me and really put me at ease. Her room was spacious, clean, and puts your comfort first. My session with Amber was absolutely amazing. She's so intuitive and empathic. She really got to the heart of what was going on. I highly suggest her services! You won't regret it. She's not one of these quacks that makes you want to run in the opposite direction. She's down to Earth and completely relatable! I'll be booking again soon!

-Chris L., Google Review left in August 2021

love it

-Unknown, Square Review left in July 2021

I really enjoyed the presents I was nervous but he still works in the ass a lot of questions he didn’t get angry with me

-Jennifer P., Square Review left in July 2021

Thank you for everything, it’s a beautiful place.

-Joanne K., Square Review left in July 2021

loved it

-Kenneth W., Square Review left in June 2021

Very knowledgeable and understanding. Unique skills. Great personality and good vibe store !!!

-Marilyn H., Square Review left in June 2021

The place is cool. Not just the temperature but everything about the place is nice. I love the whole vibe it smells good in there the temperature was perfect for me today. The people are warm and friendly. The yoga Nedra class was wonderful. I will be back.

-Brenda O., Facebook Review left in June 2021

Loved the store and quality of products and the service was exceptional! I will be going again and will recommend to everyone!

-Marilyn H., Square Review left in May 2021

Everytime i go there, i always get the best customer service, the lady that works there is the sweetest human! She always answers my questions and helps me out when i started out! 10/10 would recommend, can’t wait to go again love it there :)

-Angela S., Square Review left in May 2021

So awesome and lots of crystals! It feels so calm and comfy :)

-Bailey S., Google Review left in May 2021

Awesome shop! I was impressed with the selection. Keep it up!

-Emily W., Square Review left in May 2021

Love this place! Will be back soon :)

-Brian G., Square Review left in May 2021

This place is amazing! When i was first starting out with crystals, i only knew a few things, The lovely lady that runs the place was so kind and helping! Everyone is so kind and nice :) I always get a warm welcome when i walk in and they have great customer service! Also there prices are amazing, will be coming back many times! absolutely love!!!

-Bella S., Google Review left in May 2021

Beautiful, energetic space. I’m thrilled to be able to purchase crystals, sage and all things energetic locally! So glad you’re here.

-Deborah D., Square Review left in May 2021

Great shop! I was impressed with the selection of Crystals and metaphysical items. Staff was knowledgeable and was willing to find the answer if they didn't know the answer to a question. I brought my whole office with me and everyone had a great time checking it out!

-Emily W., Google Review left in May 2021

The energy the shop radiated is amazing & my first impression definitely had me wanting to come back! The owner is a wonderful lady who was very helpful while I was picking out crystals for my selection! Definitely recommend checking this store out

-Luz V., Facebook Review left in March 2021

Awesome vibes I love it there!!

-Amber O., Square Review left in January 2021

Would highly recommend the flower child tea!! This place has the most comfortable atmosphere!! LOVE it here!!! you must check it out

-Chanel T., Facebook Review left in October 2020

Erstwhile has amazing energy in the physical space, but the Amber Smith is also a wonderful proprietor. I hadn't met her or been to her shop before a friend introduced me, but I can definitely say that I will frequent this business regularly! I've had a Reiki session and an Oracle reading with Amber and she is incredibly intuitive and honest. Make sure you also have a cup of tea while you're there! Please give Erstwhile Studios a try; you won't be disappointed!

-Shawn S., Facebook Review left in October 2020

I love it here. The vibe in here is wonderful and everyone is so friendly. The yoga teacher teachers I have worked with are super accepting for all body type and there is no judgement if you cant do certain moves.

-Vanna N., Facebook Review left in September 2020

absolutely! Amber is a gem!

-Verna B., Facebook Review left in July 2020

very interesting techniques, with fun, and informational people to help you understand things, and find what you are looking for. excellent experience.

-Rebecca A., Facebook Review left in May 2020

They have great handmade jewelry that are infused with reiki blessings. Amber is knowledgeable about reiki, card readings and all that good stuff. Super helpful and kind. Highly recommended!!

-Maddy S., Facebook Review left in March 2020

I have the great pleasure of owning a number of Erstwhile's Hand-Made pieces! These Reiki Master ladies put such care in choosing their stones and product, for their Reiki infused items. If looking for a way to clear chakras, hold energies close, needing wands...? Oh - So many items and so many ways to use their amazing products!! In addition, I have had multiple Reiki Sessions and Card Readings with Amber. She is very intuitive and talented, taking the time to really connect with you. Amber also holds guided meditation circles. These are fun, yet heart-felt gatherings, that allow you to connect with others and connect to your own intuition/wisdom. If looking to recharge, check out everything these ladies offer at Erstwhile!!! Sending love and light. Thank you for all of your great offerings, to the community!!

-Tracy R., Facebook Review left in March 2020

Erstwhile Studios is a very calming and peaceful environment. I was able to get a tarot reading done by Bree, which revealed a lot to me and brought out emotions that I was not expecting. Also a variety of beautiful stones and crystals that I was lucky to purchase. Hoping to do Reiki with Amber soon!

-Paige M., Google Review left in December 2020

Great place! They have an assortment of crystals, teas, and awesome services. Highly recommended!!

-Maddy S., Google Review left in November 2020

Immediately at home upon walking in. Such a cozy little shop!

-Lakin R., Square Review left in November 2020

Erstwhile Studios is an amazing place. The owner is professional, kind, and really seems to have a passion for what she is doing. Not only is the studio a beautiful place, but it has a really good vibe. Their stones and crystal's are beautiful. Everyone needs to check this place out.

-Brittney F., Google Review left in November 2020

Great shop, great atmosphere, great people! They are very knowledgeable and friendly and probably have just what you're looking for! Their prices are great. I love this place!

-Jennifer A., Google Review left in November 2020

Erstwhile Studios is AMAZING 👏 It is my go to place for all my crystals and any holistic services. The atmosphere is glorious here 🙌 Back in September I took my Reiki 1&2 class here and Amber made it such a wonderful experience 🥰

-Jessica B., Google Review left in November 2020

The services and people here at Erstwhile are amazing! They have very beautiful items available, theres literally something there for everyone. I highly recommend visiting!

-Chanel T., Google Review left in November 2020

Amber is absolutely amazing I was completely skeptical of the practice but during and after the session I felt so great! I was completely relaxed, maybe too relaxed LOL. I was also very pleased with the reading afterwards, it's a wonderful experience and definitely something worth trying again.

-Jessica B., Facebook Review left in December 2019

The hard work, training, and positive energy that has gone into opening Erstwhile Studios makes this place one of a kind! Go for a place for healing, relaxation, and overall better well being. Amber, Reiki Master, is absolutely phenomenal!!

-Elora P., Facebook Review left in December 2019

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