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You're grounded!

As spring quickly approaches, getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of preparing for nicer weather can really mess with our energies. Whether you are working to clear out clutter or stale energies, to prepare your yard and garden for the growing season, or simply to survive those last few months of school, forgetting to keep our energies in check is almost inevitable. This is right around the time I wish my mother would yell at me, "You're grounded." Of course, I don't mean I want to be confined to my home and cannot leave (unless that's your idea of relaxation, then by all means, go for it)! I simply mean that we often wait for someone to give us permission to take time for ourselves and ground ourselves spiritually and energetically. Grounding can be a simple way to restore balance to our hectic lives and takes only minutes a day. We can do this several simple ways.

One of my favorite ways to ground is to use the tree mediation. You can find several adaptations for this meditation online; however, I usually find simple is best. Find a quiet and calming space to sit or lay while you prepare to meditate. Take several slow deep breaths, remember to release any tension in your body on the exhale. If your mind starts to wander, no big deal. Acknowledge those thoughts, then release them. As you start to relax, imagine yourself becoming a tree. Your arms, hands and fingers become the branches and leaves as you reach toward the sun, slowly stretching and inviting in the sun's warmth. This warmth is the energy from Source. As you absorb that balancing, calming, and rejuvenating energy, imagine that roots begin to slowly grow from your feet, worming their way into the Earth. Your roots extend from your legs, to your feet, and into the ground. Down, down, down they reach until you are fully connected to the Earth. Allow any negative energy to escape through your root system to the Earth where she will recycle that energy for more positive uses. Be still in that moment. Enjoy the feeling of connection with Source and with the Earth. Allow yourself to feel that connection and embrace it. When you are ready, come back into your body, but do not sever your roots. Keep them in constant contact with the Earth. Each time you take a step, your roots help you to feel grounded to the Earth. As you become more aware, say a quiet thank you to the Earth. Repeat this meditation often as you feel the need to ground.

If this meditation seems a bit daunting for your busy schedule, here's another way to ground on the go! One of my favorite ways to ground is to simply remove my shoes and socks and walk barefoot on the Earth, making sure I am conscious of each connection I have to our home. I imagine our energies connecting and exchanging the more I walk across the surface. The added bonus of this method is that research suggests that walking barefoot improves balance, creates more body awareness, and strengthens muscles in your lower legs and back.

So, when life gets busy and you need a break, remember to ground yourself and re-center your energies. If you are waiting for someone to tell you it's time to ground, consider yourself officially told. If you need an excuse to pause what you're doing, remember, "You're grounded, Missy/Mister!"

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