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Rock On! Serpentine

Thank you for embracing the cheesy title for this thread because I am super excited about these posts! When I first started my spiritual journey, I always told people that I have no desire to get into crystals! Boy, was I ever wrong! I now have a box full of crystals, and I use them for everything from Reiki to divination. This series will combine two of my favorite things: crystals and 80's rock n' roll!

Serpents and snakes have long time been a symbol for healing and health. The ancient Greeks believed that snake venom was an essential component of various medications. The Greeks also believed that a snake's ability to shed its skin was a symbol for renewal and rebirth. It's no wonder the Greeks decided to use the snake as part of the caduceus, the winged staff entwined by serpents; a symbol that is still globally recognized in the medical field today.

Serpentine is a relatively soft stone that makes it difficult to use in jewelry such as rings and bracelets. Scoring between a three and a six on a Mohs scale, serpentine is less brittle than other stones, but does not hold up well for jewelry worn on the daily; however, it typically makes wonderful beads for decoration and accent. Serpentine can come in a variety of hues from yellows to greens. Serpentine can even have variegated patterns of white and black snake-like patterns. Serpentine is often used in statuary and is often mistaken for Jade by less experienced collectors. Want to know if you grabbed the right stone? Check for the variegated serpentine pattern that gives the stone its namesake.

With such a rich history grounded in mythology, it's no wonder that serpentine is a stone of healing body, mind, and spirit. Serpentine is a great choice for most occasions including dispelling negative energy, promoting healing and tissue regeneration, clearing away negativity (both energetically and psychologically), bringing inner piece, and working through some of the ichor of shadow work. Because of its correspondence with serpents and the Earth, serpentine can also be used as a grounding stone. It's affordability makes it a must have in any collection.

Serpentine is steeped in a tradition of healing, so whether you wear it passively to help absorb negativity and promote regrowth and regeneration, or you use it in chakra balancing or a Reiki session, serpentine is a great multi-modal healing stone. With the proper intention, it can help you gain back your health to maintain your independence. Don't take my word for it...hear it from 80's hair band Whitesnake! And yes, pun always intended.

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