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We are One Community... Act like it!

My sister went to the store on Monday. She knew that it was going to be crazy, because everyone is still in panic mode. She was 100% prepared for that level of chaos. You want to know what she wasn't ready for? The man that exited his vehicle and began screaming, yes SCREAMING at a father and daughter as they got out of their vehicle and headed into the store. What was their issue? It was a store located in Nebraska and the father's vehicle had Iowa plates... He actually had the nerve to tell these two to "go back to where you come from and stop stealing all of our groceries and toilet paper."

I'm trying (and failing) to remain calm as I type this.

To you, Sir, I say SHAME ON YOU. This is not about who lives where or what store you're at or where someone came from. This is about frightened people getting what they need because the stores they went to are out. This is about us standing together as a community and helping out our neighbors. This is about standing up for what is right and now allowing fear to overtake our lives. Stop it and stop it NOW. Do not become one of these people that believes that there isn't enough. Not only did you scare these two to the point that they got back in their car and left. But, you scared my sister who, (even though she lives and was shopping in Nebraska) then got in her car and left.

I have said it so many times that I'm getting tired of it. There is enough. Stop panic buying. Help your neighbors. Be kind to one another. We are in this together. We are all apart of the Siouxland area. If you don't like it, maybe you should be the one to leave. I hope and pray no one ever treats you or someone you care about like this. I pray that you are never so scared and worried about finding a certain item that you go to every store in 50 miles only to get told to leave because you're not from the area. Everyone is scared right now, don't add to that level of panic and fear with hatred.

If you are actually reading this, please spread love, not hate. Please help each other and do what you can so we can all get through this in one piece. We're all doing the best we can to get what we need and get by.

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