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Be Kind, Stand in Line

Last Saturday, I accompanied my Mom to Sam's Club. We got there 10 minutes before they opened, in hopes of being able to find what we needed. (We were not panic buying, these were items we legitimately needed. I also do all of the shopping for office supplies and cleaning essentials for my work.) Upon our arrival, this was the scene we were introduced to... (See picture below)

There was already a line halfway down the parking lot. This did not completely surprise me. However, I was unnerved to see people waiting off to the sides, instead of getting in line. Let me preface this by saying, this would not have bothered me if they had all been elderly, escorting the elderly, pregnant women, and the like. This was not the case though. We're talking about middle aged to younger men and women standing to the sides. The moment the doors opened, they cut the line to get in first. These men and women ran to the back of the store to get to the toilet paper first. We are all trying our best. We are all struggling to get what we need. I don't begrudge anyone that is just trying to get what you need. My issue is with the people that had to be told REPEATEDLY they were only allowed to take one package of toilet paper. The people that dove in front of other people (especially elderly people) to get to an item first. My issue is with the people that have 20 packs of toilet paper, a freezer full of bread and gallons of milk, and a stock pile of Clorox wipes, and yet they are still out at the stores every day /week continuing to add to your stockpile. There are some of us out here that are down to our last roll. There are Mommas out there that can't find diapers, wipes, creams, formulas, and baby Tylenol. There are elderly people and couples that live on a very limited fixed income and they depend on being able to shop at certain times. They can't find toilet paper, bread, milk, vitamins, or eggs. There are Mommas on WICC that can't find WICC approved items and are leaving with nothing. I'm asking you to just please, please, please just be kind. Please stop panic buying and allow someone else to have to opportunity to buy what they need. If you have it, don't stock pile it. If you need it, don't take more than you need. Don't be the person with a cart full of milk while everyone else wonders what they're going to do. Let's combat this pandemic with kindness and heart. Let's allow the product of COVID-19 to actually end up putting some good into the world. I do want to say that there were plenty of people that were perfectly sweet and decent. People that didn't cut or get aggressive. Thank you to the people that weren't panicking and only took what they needed.

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