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Manifest Destiny

We’re all familiar with the saying “mind over matter,” but we rarely stop to think that this saying has grounds in truth. One of the major buzz words in spiritual communities is manifestation, and that’s for good reason. Being the director of our destiny empowers us to actually be the change we want to see in our lives. Simply put, manifesting what you desire is about focusing your intentions and programming energy to complete the task. This phenomenon has a deep and controversial past, but like all things on our blog, it is not with out evidence-based research. One of my favorite education writers and researches Carol Dweck finds that having a growth mindset, that is to say focusing on the process and not the outcome, can have a huge impact on achieving your goals. A growth mindset requires a shift in attitude and thinking that allows an individual to focus on stepping forward regardless of obstacles. To put it simply, if you start your day with a positive, constructive attitude, you create an mindset which positively steers you toward achieving your goals.

There are many ways of manifesting your desires into reality, from speaking ideas into existence to using reiki to direct your intention. Since not everyone has been fortunate enough to train in Reiki, although I highly recommend that if you get the chance you take it, here are several other ways to help manifest. Each of these starts with clearly visualizing the outcome you desire. Make sure that you picture it very purposefully and clearly. Next, you can simply start to chant your desired outcome, much like a mantra. I find saying these mantras in multiples of three works well for me, but you can pick whatever number you desire. Start your morning with your mantra, setting your intention for the day. Repeat through the day as you desire.

Another great way to manifest your intentions is to take a candle and inscribe your vision into the candle. Picture that intention as you inscribe it into the candle. As you light the candle and let it burn, picture the smoke carrying your intentions universe. If you need a reminder of your intention in the office or at home, try creating a vision board with images and words that remind you of your goals and path to achieve them.

Psychology continues to prove that the power of human thought is almost endless. Psychologists also believe that by directing our thoughts to a particular outcome, we help to create the perfect environment for our success. Manifesting your desire takes little time and mostly effort. By directing your intention, you can easily become the master of your own fate.

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