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Grief During a Pandemic

It's hard to sit down and put into words everything in my head and my heart right now. I hope everyone is hanging in there. I know this whole Corona Virus thing is scary. I won't get into the politics of it all but what I do want to get into is the emotional part of it. It is so important for all of us to stick together, especially during this time.

If you would, please take a second and say a prayer, or just take a moment of silence for every single person who is struggling right now. To the workers who are considered mandatory and are risking a lot to go to work every day. To the non essential workers who are staying at home teaching their children, lord knows that isn't easy for anyone. Or to the people who have lost their jobs, homes, and loved ones. I want to focus this post on that last part. Grief is the worst feeling I have ever felt. Grief can play a big roll in someone's life. I cannot imagine going through that, on top of dealing with this pandemic.

Think about having a family member sick, and not be able to be with them. Or having a loved one pass away and not being able to completely respect their final wishes. This is where we all need to show compassion for one another. To all of the people who have lost someone, just know that you are not alone. I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to share a memory, a picture, a prayer, or just the name of someone you want to remember. It doesn't mater when you lost them, just that you loved them. They are not just another number in the vast sea of things that have happened during this pandemic. Please everyone be kind to each other, you have no idea what someone else may be going through.

This amazing woman's name is Opal Hutcheson, and she is my fiance's grandmother. She has done so many wonderful things through out her life, I don't think I'd be able to get them all down. She passed away on April 1, 2020 and she was 99 years old. One of my favorite things about her is she was a Nebraska Huskers fan, despite the majority of her family loving the Iowa Hawkeyes. She was fun and spunky and had a beautiful soul. My fiance's family was unable to honor her wishes due to COVID-19, they were forced to have her cremated. She'd wanted a traditional burial and was not allowed that last courtesy. Her family is still waiting to celebrate her memory.

The next person I wanted to mention is Viengxay Khuninh. He was my friend's Dad. He passed away April 24th 2020 from complications of COVID-19. Because of the pandemic, my friend wasn't able to to be with her family during his illness or after he passed away. She lives in another state and was not allowed to travel. They have not been able to give him the ceremony he deserved. His services are to be rescheduled for after the pandemic has ended. To the family he isn't just another life lost to a virus. He's not a number on a screen. He was a father, a husband and friend. His family has set up a go fund me page for his wife who was also out of work and showing signs of the virus. If you would like to donate, we encourage you do so. To donate please click here.

It is so important to be kind to one another. One day it might be you that needs a smile, a hug, or just a shoulder to lean on. I do encourage all of you to share a story of your loved ones in the comments to help keep their memory alive. Sometimes all you can do is just share memories and talk about your loved ones just to keep them alive in your hearts. Stay strong everyone.

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If you need someone to talk to, please reach out to us.

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