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Herbology 101: Rosemary

As Spring is in full force, I start to look forward to tending to my herb garden. My garden is nothing fancy, a few herbs here, some spices there. When considering which herbs to have on hand, whether it be for cooking, smoke cleansing, healing, or blending tea, the choices can sometimes be daunting. There are a great number of herbs that I consider to be multi-taskers that are a lifesaver for the busy herbalist on the go! The top of my list of these miracle plants is rosemary. Not only is this a wonderfully aromatic herb to use in your favorite recipes and cocktails, but rosemary can also be used for spiritual practices as well!

Rosemary is a beautifully green plant with tiny silver flowers that grows in most climates. This plant will grow and bush out to a beautiful and aromatic shrub. Rosemary requires little water, and the mass production of rosemary is eco-friendly with a relatively low carbon footprint. While rosemary is fairly simple to grow, another benefit is that this herb is readily available in the produce section of most supermarkets, so you can absolutely stop at your local grocery store and have access to fresh rosemary!

Rosemary has a multitude of health benefits when infused in or consumed with food or drink. Rosemary has shown to increase brain function, increase memory, improve digestions, improve waste and toxin excretion, boost immunity, improve circulation, and fight free radicals and cancer. To achieve these benefits, rosemary can easily be added to any of your favorite savory recipes.

Rosemary is a great herb to promote healing and protection. Rosemary is also an herb linked to fidelity, trust, and relationships. Ancient Romans used to use a sprig of rosemary during handfasting ceremonies to pledge loyalty to each other. Rosemary can be used as an additive to water, oil, and alcohol and then used to cleanse a space, an object, or a person. Rosemary makes a wonderful additive to any bath to cleanse your spirit and energy. This herb can also be bound with string into smudge stick and can be used to cleanse a space of negativity and promote protection (this is my favorite smudge herb!). Rosemary is also a great additive to cold-pressed soaps as an exfoliant and its essential oil can be worn as a natural and earthy cologne or perfume.

When I say this is a wonder herb, I mean it! If you can think of a purpose for any herb, rosemary can fill that request! Rosemary has a plethora of health and spiritual benefits. It also tastes and smells great! Consider keeping this useful little plant in your pantry and garden to ensure that you always have multi-tasker for whatever need may arise.

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