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Oracle Card of the Week: Cycles and Rhythms

Welcome back for another week of our "Oracle Card of the Week" series! If you haven't read our first blog of this series you can find it here. Each week I am picking one Oracle Card out of my personal decks, that I use in my practice, and we are doing a bit of a deep dive into the meaning and messages behind the cards. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Goddess Maeve

Cycles and Rhythms

(pronounced MAY-eev)

Maeve is the Goddess of Cycles and Rhythms. She tells us to "Honor the cycles of your body, energy levels, and emotions." Just as her message says, this card is all about being aware of the changes in our body, energy, and our emotions. Sometimes our lives get so hectic and bogged down with everything going on around us, that we forget to check in on ourselves. When this card comes up in a reading, I know that my client is either unaware of or avoiding changes happening. This can also indicate that they aren't taking good care of themselves in some way. When we are constantly catering to others in life, we often time forget to care for ourselves. When this happens, our bodies start to break down; both physically and emotionally. One of my favorite quotes is, "you can't expect yourself to pour from an empty cup." If you always give pieces of yourself, without ever taking time to replenish, you will eventually find yourself empty. How can you expect to help others, when you refuse to help yourself? Who is going to do this for you? Why don't you value yourself in the same way that you value others? Let's get into some of the changes that could be happening at this time.

Changes in the Body

Now, if you are a woman, you know that our bodies go through a cycle each month. Our bodies literally change the way we function for 5-7 days out of every 28. We are used to the high and low tides that our bodies have to go through on a continual basis. Additionally this card is asking us to pay close attention to how our bodies feel. Do you notice a difference in your complexion, weight, muscles or joints? What is your body trying to tell you? This aspect of this card comes down to self care. Are you getting enough sleep? What kinds of foods are you putting in your body? What are you doing to keep yourself strong and healthy?

Energetic Changes

This one is pretty huge for me. I notice changes in my energy, or lack there of, pretty frequently. I have to keep myself in check in order to maintain a certain balance. For me, this means, getting enough rest, eating healthy, meditating and keeping to some type of schedule. I notice a lull in my energy, especially when I'm not well rested and my diet is less than optimal. What amount of energy do you typically have at your disposal throughout the day? Have you noticed an increase or a decrease lately? Can you pinpoint what is causing this change? This card is all about making sure we are aware of ourselves, so that we can continue to take care of ourselves. Think of things that help you to keep your energy balanced. Just like low energy is less than ideal, so is energy that is too high. Typically, if our energy is to high, we run the risk of crashing later. What is going to help you keep a balance?

Emotional Changes

As women, we are no strangers to the highs and lows our emotional state is capable of going through. Start to take notice when your emotions feel particularly out of range. What is a specific event or circumstance or is it harder to nail down? Is it that time of the month or is there another underlying cause? What is it that seems to be effecting the change in your mood? For me, I know that my emotions stay fairly well balanced throughout the month, save for those 5-7 days of hell we all go through. If my emotions are running rampant at any other time, I know that it's usually due to an abnormally high amount of stress. I like to take on big projects and I put myself through the ringer to meet deadlines. When my stress levels spike the best thing for me to do is to take a step back and evaluate my emotional state. Yoga does wonders for this, so does reiki, mediation, massage, aroma therapy, sound therapy, a good cup of tea, or a great book. It's all about pressing pause, and stepping back. You need to take enough time to truly breathe and allow yourself a mini reset. There are those of us that work well under pressure, but our bodies suffer because of this. Allow yourself that time. What gets your emotional state out of balance? What helps you to relax and reset?

So if you ever sit down with me and pull I pull the Maeve, the Godess of Cycles and Rhythms, just remember; she's all about asking you to take note. Stop ignoring what you have going on both physically and emotionally. We require self care in order to continue to function. It's not selfish to put yourself first every once in awhile. We are just as important as the people around us.

If I can help you create a balance in any way, please reach out to me!

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