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Oracle Card of the Week: Sensitivity

Goddess White Tara


(pronounced: tar-uh)

White Tara, Goddess of Sensitivity tells us, “You are becoming increasingly sensitive. Avoid harsh relationships, environments, situations, and chemicals.”

You know those moments we all sometimes have, where every little thing seems to get to us. If you’re like me, the smallest comment or action can bring me to tears, if I’m in an overly sensitive state. It doesn’t take much at all to shake me during this time. Other times, you have to nearly move a mountain to get any kind of reaction out of me. If this card comes up in a reading, I know that my client is in state of over sensitivity and is likely to be on edge. They are going to react stronger to any outcome of the cards and they are likely to be more emotional than in a typical situation. This can cause an over exaggeration of their emotions or the circumstances surrounding a particular event.

Harsh Relationships – This can be any and all relationships that are draining for you. If you have a particular co-worker that you just can’t seem to stay on good terms with, you should likely avoid them at this time. Your emotions are primed to combust and get very messy at this time. The last think we need is Rob from accounting telling us we look tired in that snarky, condescending voice of his. Avoid Rob like the plague, don’t willingly try to force yourself into a confrontation with him. It’s not going to end well for you at this time.

Harsh Environments – Have you ever walked into a house or building, and the energy just felt off. Or maybe when you go to visit your friend or a family member, their house always feels draining and chaotic. Avoid these places. We don’t need to put ourselves in environments that aren’t conducive to the way we’re feeling right now. You wouldn’t start a fight in a crowded bar with a man twice your size, when you’re already mentally and physically exhausted or injured. So why would you go somewhere that you know is already taxing for you, when you’re in this state?

Harsh Situations – This one is a little tricky. Often times we don’t know we don’t know about a harsh situation, until it happens and we’re in the middle of it. If you have the opportunity to avoid this, then please try. If you don’t then, you need to do your best to stay calm and remember that you are overly sensitive at this time. Not everything is as it seems. Do your best to see the situation from all angles.

Harsh Chemicals – When I read “harsh chemicals” I immediately picture the laundry detergent aisle at Wal-Mart. The smell is so overpowering, it literally makes me gasp for breath. Harsh chemicals can be anything from cleaning solutions, nail polish, perfume, certain candles and even bath bombs. Be exceptionally careful when you are around these types of chemically enhanced fragrances. In my family, “if it’s not organic, it’s not friendly” and I don’t want it in my house.

Story Time – If you know me than you know that I am an extremely sensitive person, on the best of days. But when I’m in a state of “over sensitivity” boy watch out. I am not fun, and I am not understanding. I’m a ticking time bomb, just waiting for you to breathe in my direction, so I can explode. Now, I work with 10 men in the electrical field. When I say these men are disgusting and crass, it’s an understatement. Most days, I’m one of the guys and I can handle about anything. Some days they work in plants and come back to my office and the stench is god awful. Some days they are rude and make jokes and I just roll with the punches. But if I’m in this kind of head space and they so much as look in my direction. It’s like world war III unleashed it’s fury in my office and I’m biting off their heads for the same misogynistic joke they made two weeks ago.

In Conclusion – Just know that if you sit down for a reading with me and you get miss White Tara, Goddess of Sensitivity, you are going to need to be careful. The upside to this card is it gives us a heads up. I have nearly destroyed friendships and working relationships because I was in this state and overreacted because I didn’t realize it was coming until it was too late. If this card comes up, take it with head and try to remember that not everything is as it seems. It’s entirely possible that your husband really didn’t realize you wanted that last muffin that had been sitting on the counter for the last few days…

As always, if you have any questions or would just like to reach out to me, I encourage you to do so. You can get a hold of me through the Erstwhile contact page, or our Facebook messenger.

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