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Oracle Card of the Week: Sorceress

Goddess Rhiannon


(pronounced Ree-ah-non)

Goddess Rhiannon tells us "You are a magical person who can manifest your clear intentions into reality."

When this card comes up in a reading, I know that I'm dealing with someone that may or may not be aware of how strong and talented they are. If you see this card, I will likely ask you how often you are able to make things happen for yourself. How often do things work out. It's almost as if God, is watching out for you. That gas tank lasted you longer than it should have, you barely missed that glass in the road. Maybe you just "know" that things will work out this way. This is your divine ability to manifest things. I was this person for a long time. I had no idea that I was the one doing these things. I had no idea that I was responsible for whether or not things work out.

Now, on the opposite hand, maybe things don't just come together for you. Maybe you always run out of gas, and your tires are always getting flat. You need to look at what it is you're projecting out into the world. Are you always thinking or saying things like, "Why do bad things ALWAYS happen to me?", "I ALWAYS run out of gas!", "I'm NEVER able to get my bills paid on time.", or maybe, "I NEVER have ENOUGH money." The universe doesn't understand the WAY we say something vs how we MEAN it. All it hears is what you verbalize or constantly thing and stress about.

Instead try thinking and verbalizing in the affirmative. Like, "Great things always happen to me.", "Life always works out for the best for me.", "I'm always on time.", and "I have an abundance of money."

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